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Established in 2012, Active Finance UK was created with a desire to freshen up the delivery of mortgage and protection advice. We are based in Hampshire but our comprehensive service stretches to every area of the UK.

Specialising in mortgage advice ensures we are focussed on achieving excellent customer outcomes through extensive product knowledge. Each of our mortgage advisers has many years of experience which, combined with our close relationship with lenders, ensures we are able to support our customers with mortgages which they may not have thought possible.

Many of our customers have faced disappointment with their current mortgage provider, often finding their options restricted due to their income, age or unique requirements. In a constantly changing financial landscape, we pride ourselves on identifying the right mortgage for each customer by taking our time to understand your position.

With a thorough knowledge of the mortgage market and a commitment to the customer, Active Finance UK is proud to uphold the Financial Conduct Authority’s principle of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ and we will put you first in every consideration we make – without fail.

We specialise in helping customers who face more challenging circumstances, securing mortgages for customers where age, income or repayment strategy is considered ‘non standard’. When the high street says no to a mortgage it does not need to be the end of the road, access the wider mortgage market with the help of a mortgage professional can help you to achieve your mortgage goals and continue plan for the future. Simply complete our short form to start your mortgage search today